Arrive. Relax. Feel Good.

Have a break from your stressful and busy daily life. We provide a completely different world for you and your senses far away from the hectic of everyday life.

 „You have to take time for relaxation. After that you will be more powerful and brisker.”


The roman philosopher Seneca already knew that relaxation is highly important for our body. Especially nowadays, in an age of rush and stress, this statement from Seneca is completely true. If we would like to be more powerful and vital we need to take a rest from time to time.

We from the Hotel Bayern Vital would like to help you to find your ease of mind so that you can bring your body, mind and soul back in balance. Therefore, we provide a variety of individual fitness, relaxation and wellness programs.  Furthermore, you can enjoy our different kinds of professional massages and body treatments. Get new energy out of your holiday and collect new power to handle the challenges in your everyday life.