Thermal baths

Ru­per­tusther­me Bad Rei­chen­hall

Enjoy the powerful impacts of the warm thermal water which is coming from the mysterious depths of the Alps in the nearby Rupertustherme (only 150 m from the hotel). The different pools with hot brine and thermal water promise a special experience of regeneration and revitalization for body and soul. Furthermore, the seven saunas in the wonderful sauna area offer everything to make relaxation seekers happy.

At our reception desk guests can purchase entrance tickets for the Rupertustherme at a discount. Please just ask us about it.

Watz­mann-Ther­me Berch­tes­ga­den

Discover the thermal baths of the Watzmann-Therme in Berchtesgaden with its diverse relaxation and leisure time facilities for the whole family. Feel the healing effects of the hot brine pools or relax inside the ample sauna area. Recharge your body´s batteries by composing your individual health- and relaxation program.

If you have any questions concerning the Watzmann-Therme, don´t hesitate to ask us.