For already thousands of years, the spa town Bad Reichenhall has been renowned for its greatest treasure: the „White Gold“, also known as salt. The special value of this commodity has already been appreciated by the ancient Romans who made Bad Reichenhall well-known far beyond the borders of the Berchtesgadener Land. Mentioned for the first time in a document in 1159, Bad Reichenhall can look back to an impressive 850-year-old municipal history. Thanks to its legendary salt water (called Sole), which has its source in the mysterious depths of the Bad Reichenhall mountains, the city was granted the title “Bad” in 1890, which classifies it as a German spa town.  As a spa town, Bad Reichenhall earned international recognition with regard to the various successful cures especially in respiratory diseases which is persisting until today. However, also the mild climate, the natural beauty of the alpine landscape of the berchtes-gadener Alps, as well as the Mediterranean atmosphere make Bad Reichenhall a popular vacation and spa destination with many allegiant friends and guests.

Not only Bad Reichenhall, but also our hotel can already look back to a long history: Founded in 1924 as a convalescent home for the employees of German savings banks, the Hotel Bayern Vital has developed over the years into a modern and lovely 4-star hotel thanks to two big renovation phases, as well as through the constant adjustment to the latest standards. As certified WellVital Hotel our hotel is today open to national and international guests of all occupational areas. Our house considers itself as an establishment of passion, dedication and of a high quality experience, which wellness vacationers, hikers and culture enthusiasts simply expect today. As a matter of course, it is our greatest ambition not only to meet the expectations of our guests, but to exceed them. Already for many years, numerous regular guests as well as new guests are feeling attracted by the friendly service, the cherished ambiance and the convincing price-performance ratio of the Hotel Bayern Vital. Your satisfaction is our impetus; your relaxation is our goal! Come and see for yourself! We are looking forward to your visit!.