E-bike rental

At The Rupertus Therme you can rent E-Bikes.  please see below link for more information about the conditions

E-Bikes rental Rupertus Therme



Bike tour in the Bavarian Alps

15 city bikes
10 E-Bikes
90 Regional tours
10 Bike tours

Our tour highlights

1. Short trips

Frei­las­sin­ger roundway (18,4 km)
Högl tour (24,8 km)
Bad Rei­chen­hall tour (21,2 km)
Tour Lake Saalach (ca. 25 km)

2. Half-day tours

Family tour Saa­la­ch & Salz­ach (32 km)
Hin­ter­see (35,2 km)
Hall­thurm (27,2 km)
Markt­schel­len­berg (20,4 km)
Kö­nigs­see (12,2 km)
Salz­bur­g old town (ge­samt 40 km)

3. Day tours

Lake tour (60,6 km, easy)
Milkstreet tour (44,2 km, experienced)
Moor- and Moos-tour (55,4 km, middle)
around the Un­ters­berg (52,4 km, middle)
Saa­la­ch-tour (52,4 km, middle)
Ru­per­ti­win­kel-tour (61,6 km, middle)

Please talk to us and we will find the perfect tour for you

Tour details and maps are available at our reception desk.